The Sweet Treat of Entrepreneurship...

Recently UEA founder Clementine Goutal sat down with the Propp sisters to discuss how the girls balance school, riding, and a business.

Upper Echelon Academy:  What was the inspiration for AJCS treats? How did this company come about?

AJCS Treats: For as long as we can remember, my sisters and I always wanted to make treats and possibly start a company. This summer, when we had a lot of spare time we began trying out recipes to make the perfect treats. We posted the treats on our Instagram accounts and people asked if they were for sale. Immediately after that, we started an Instagram account and set up a website. A few weeks later, we were making about 5-10 orders a week as well as 100’s of packs of treats that we sold at horse shows we attended. We are having so much fun and hope to continue AJCS Treats.

Upper Echelon Academy:  What are your goals for this business? And how do you plan to use profits? 

AJCS Treats: Our main goal for our company is to make our name more “known” in the equestrian community. The more people know about us, the more sales we will get and the more recognition we will receive. We are one of the only treat businesses in the equestrian community that give 100% of profits to charity. We decided that at the end of each year, we will choose a new charity to donate our yearly earning to. This year, we have decided to choose the Equus Foundation!! 

Upper Echelon Academy: What has been the largest challenge thus far, and how did you deal with it?

AJCS Treats: I think our biggest challenge so far, has been that we are only three girls making a number of orders weekly while balancing school and riding at the same time. We have come up with solutions for this challenge though!! Each weekend we are available, we spend about a day making and shopping out all our orders and so far our method has been very effective. 

Upper Echelon Academy: What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs interested in starting company?

AJCS Treats: Have fun!! Starting a business can be stressful at times, but never lose sight of why you started it and how passionate you are about it. 

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