Is my child ready for Kindergarten? 5 steps you can take to prepare your child.

By UEA Primary Academy teacher Sandrine --

PreK programs are a great way to help your child gain the prerequisite knowledge and skills they need to be successful in kindergarten, but even if your child has not attended a PreK program, there are steps you can take to ensure they will have a successful year ahead.

  1. Teach your child to be independent. Your child will be one of several children in a classroom, therefore it is important that they can use the restroom, wash their hands, and dress themselves independently.

  2. Read, read, read. Reading not only increases your child’s vocabulary, but their stamina too. Aim for 15-20 minutes per day.

  3. Practice letter names and sounds. A child entering Kindergarten with the knowledge of letter names & sounds will be reading far more quickly than peers who have not yet learned these skills.

  4. Practice counting and number recognition. Board games and card games are a wonderful way to teach your child number recognition, practice counting, taking turns, patience, and many other useful skills.

  5. Establish a bedtime routine. Children who go to school well rested learn so much more than children who are tired. It’s important to establish a good bedtime routine and phase out naps before your child goes to kindergarten.

Your child will learn and grow immensely during their Kindergarten year, but learning reaches far beyond the classroom. Continue to expose your child to new learning opportunities in your own community through trips to the park, zoo or museum. Also, don’t forget to stop by your local library. Most libraries will allow kindergarteners to have their own card, so your little one can get excited about reading! Most of all make learning fun and your child is sure to have a successful year!

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