Eve Jobs: Balancing Act

Eve Jobs sat down with Upper Echelon Academy Co-Founder Clementine Goutal to discuss her experience at Stanford University and pursuing her riding ambitions at the highest level. 

Upper Echelon Academy: So this is your freshman year at Stanford, and you have been showing at the highest level in Wellington. What would you say are the most important factors enabling you to thrive in these separate domains?

Eve: My incredible team in Wellington was a huge factor in keeping everything on track. They kept the horses happy and healthy when I was away and without them it wouldn’t have been possible! On the school end, UEA provided weekly meetings and helped me stay on track!

Upper Echelon Academy: What are your academic strengths and weaknesses? Was there a subject that originally posed a challenge that you found a way to master? How?

Eve: Yes! This past quarter I was in a film class and we had weekly papers due on various films. Originally I felt a bit overwhelmed but the tutors at UEA were extremely helpful in meeting with me both in person and over the phone!

Upper Echelon Academy: Showing globally at a high-level requires non-stop travel and stamina. What is the biggest challenge you face on the road?

Eve: The travel is definitely the hardest part of balancing both horses and school, especially during the winter equestrian festival. I was lucky enough to be able to schedule my classes at Stanford on Mondays and Tuesdays but traveling back and forth every week is definitely not easy!

Upper Echelon Academy: Between high school and college, did you take a gap year? Do you feel you made the right decision? What are the pros and cons?

Eve: Yes I ended up taking a gap year between high school and college! For me it was the absolute best choice. It gave me the opportunity to really dive into the horses and also become excited about immersing myself in all of Stanford’s academic endeavors!

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