Experience the UEA Difference 
UEA tailors educational plans to support and enrich the academic experience for each student. We offer both year-round programs and subject tutoring including more than 20 college board AP courses. Our professional instruction, combined with the top curriculum available in each subject, enables academic excellence for every learner.

K-12 Full Time Prep school

College Counseling


Athlete Support

Test Prep

Social Impact

Subject Tutoring

"UEA was incredibly helpful in assisting my management of high level competitions and rigorous academics." - Lucy Deslauriers

"Being able to work with UEA was amazing because I was able to schedule my tutoring and school work around my riding schedule." - Eve Jobs

"UEA has helped me so much with creating a personalized schedule that allows me to ride my best and succeed in school" -  Coco Fath


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